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Our vision was conceptualized by one of our pioneers in our community here in Houston. When we were ask to be a part of this venture.  This individual along with a few others knew what kind of impact we could make on our Houston Communities. He started off with a Non-profit and named it "Developing Young Leaders". He named this group after individuals like himself who as a child had the disadvantages as every other child. He managed to succeed through his endeavors and managed a career. A more than average church goer he became one of the youngest  ranking Masons of his lodge.

While participate as a leader in the church youth group he became a deacon in his church. From there he founded Developing Young Leaders (DYL).

L.O.A.I.  believes in his vision to create young leaders by keeping our youth engaged in activities they love, and giving them a place to go when trouble is on every side. Keeping our youth with a faith based grounding to help them in their future positive decision makings. He has gone as far as other countries with different  missionary faith based groups just to inspire youth from other countries to grow to be leaders in their community. He was introduced to the Cattle Breeding industry through family members, but his vision was bigger. He put a group together and they came up with the name C.I.G. (Cattle Investment group) founded by Mr. Eugene Goss Jr..

The group members  have already made their first investments with 5 cows purchased.

As in any business you will suffers some losses. One of the cows which was older in age died before giving birth. So the group was down an investment as well as it's profit.

Today C.I.G. has grown from 4 cows to 8. Our heard has almost doubled since December 2017.

My name is David Price. I am the co-founder of Law Of Averages Investments, LLC and also part of C.I.G.


Our Vision is similar  to Mr. Goss.  We at L.O.A.I. wants to help make Mr. Goss vision come to life in a big way. So we came up with our own concept on how we could make this even bigger, faster but gaining the capital to buy the equipment needed to help in our visions.

So L.O.A.I. had Fundraising Drive during the 2018 Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo season to raise funds for equipment to manage a fairly decent size start off operation with the vision to have one of the biggest Cattle Ranches in Houston. L.O.A.I. will partner up with C.I.G. for this endeavor, utilizing Vacation Properties owned by L.O.A.I., as well as L.O.A.I. marketing products help in procurement of funds for the Cattle Equipment. All funds will be managed by the L.O.A.I., LLC.

We would appreciate your support by becoming sponsors for our Fundraiser and events in any which way you can.

Things you can do to help.

Become a member, Volunteers, Sellers, Activity Participants, Sponsors, Donations, Raffle Giveaways, Bulk Purchase Sponsors for marketing items, Future Investors, Cattle equipment, Cattle Feed, you can go to on the L.O.A.I. Web Store website to begin your membership, or purchase some of our beautiful marketing items a s a gift for yourself or someone else.

Benefits from contributions will go to L.O.A.I. Investments as well as LOAI future endeavors.  A percentage of the funds will go towards L.O.A.I.'s chosen Non-profit Organization, DYL (Developing Young Leaders).

Check out L.O.A.I.'s event calendar below for dates of events for the year.

We thank you in advance for your support.

Sincerely David Price

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