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About L.O.A.I.

L.O.A.I. is opening a world of possibilities for people like you, and it's growing, Fast.

In the simplest terms, the You Economy connects buyers and sellers via technology that would never have been connected before. It consists mainly of a variety of micro-entrepreneurs (business owners with five or fewer team members, often solopreneurs). 

These independent-minded people are selling products and services everyone needs and can afford, sharing financial education, offering both unskilled services, and innovating new ways to become financially free, connect, and to live life abundantly.

A proliferation of startup companies and self-determined individuals are capitalizing upon what clearly reflects our growing desire to excise more control of our lives. Consider this: In May 2015, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 15 million people in the United States were self-employed and that number is growing steadily. Within the You Economy are countless stories of people who started with nothing, once lived paycheck to paycheck, and today enjoy the incomparable freedom of life on their own terms.

The rewards they receive; friendship, a supportive team, confidence, a network, personal freedom, financial freedom, and yes, even incomes-are vast. 

A whole-life transformation is really what we're talking about, and it transcends anything you can find in the traditional economy or the corporate world.

In fact, there's a platform within the You Economy that pulls together in one place the best opportunities provided by the most innovative You Economy brand, and it's called...   Law Of Averages Investments.

Click here to find out how to become part of our Successful Network of Entrepreneurs


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